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My Vow of Electronic Abstinance

I’m returning to the ranks of a traditional scheduled existence after a blissful spell of vacation with my sweet family.  We traveled to Hawaii to see my Dad, who is recovering (beautifully I might add) from a prize-fight with sinus cancer.  It was a time of re-connecting, seeing places from my childhood, and learning that I […]

LinkedIn ‘Recommendation’ Recomendations

I confess:  I LOVE LINKEDIN!!!! This week I have been privy to a wonderful discussion in a LinkedIn Group (Paul Castain’s ‘Sales Playbook’)  that is discussing the use & abuse of ‘Recommendations’.  Have you ever gotten “Can you recommend me?”, message on LinkedIn from someone that you never worked or otherwise engaged with?  Let it […]

Unemployment E-Love

Unemployment.  Underemployment. What more can the working person do to alleviate the pain of our friends and family caught in this chapter of their story? While listening to a message left for me yesterday from a fabulous girlfriend actively pursuing every opportunity she alluded to the fact that not since the Great Depression has America […]

Be Who You Are In Life & In Social Media

What’s your social media personality? Do you find it a CHORE to engage in social media?’ If you find the right social media match for your natural sharing inclinations, then it will begin to be a joy and not a ‘chore’. I tell you this because it has been heavy on my mind & heart.  […]