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Movin’ On

Life simply takes my breath away with its fast pace and constant change. My family and I have made the decision to move back home to Lake Charles, Louisiana. And after 17 years of being in orbit around Realtors, I have made the decision to license and to pursue my life as Amanda 2.0, directly […]

Chance Encounter With an Old Friend After a Blogging Webinar – Aloha!

This morning started in a very normal manner:  wake up, check my iPad, make the coffee and kiss my husband ‘bye’.  Drop off the kids off at school & head into work – and directly into a huge surprise.  I had planned to get some education this morning, and was THRILLED to learn more about Advanced […]

10 Reasons Why I Like MoreSolds.com

Knolly Williams saw a problem in his business. As a Realtor, he was sick of using one tool for his contacts & calendar, another to keep his newsletter intact and yet another to manage the many facets of his transactions. He did a lot of duplicate data entry to get everyone’s contact information faithfully enshrined […]

Be Who You Are In Life & In Social Media

What’s your social media personality? Do you find it a CHORE to engage in social media?’ If you find the right social media match for your natural sharing inclinations, then it will begin to be a joy and not a ‘chore’. I tell you this because it has been heavy on my mind & heart.  […]

zipForms at John L. Scott in Sandy

Tuesday was an absolutely gorgeous day that ushed in a drive up to beautiful Sandy, Oregon, at the foot of Mt. Hood.  I had the honor of spending the morning witht the agents of Jason Shuler & Jason Anderson’s awesome agents at John L. Scott.  The topic was ‘zipForms 6’, and it was just a sensational time of sharing […]

Ethics class

A wonderful morning spent with Realtor clients learning (re-learning) the ethics of their trade. So often the public wants to sell as-is property and conceal defects. Not okay. Disclose, disclose, disclose! RESPA is watching and is very keen on making examples of offenders, so be smart. Contingencies: who is your client and what if the […]