Social Media

My Vow of Electronic Abstinance

I’m returning to the ranks of a traditional scheduled existence after a blissful spell of vacation with my sweet family.  We traveled to Hawaii to see my Dad, who is recovering (beautifully I might add) from a prize-fight with sinus cancer.  It was a time of re-connecting, seeing places from my childhood, and learning that I […]

Chance Encounter With an Old Friend After a Blogging Webinar – Aloha!

This morning started in a very normal manner:  wake up, check my iPad, make the coffee and kiss my husband ‘bye’.  Drop off the kids off at school & head into work – and directly into a huge surprise.  I had planned to get some education this morning, and was THRILLED to learn more about Advanced […]

LinkedIn ‘Recommendation’ Recomendations

I confess:  I LOVE LINKEDIN!!!! This week I have been privy to a wonderful discussion in a LinkedIn Group (Paul Castain’s ‘Sales Playbook’)  that is discussing the use & abuse of ‘Recommendations’.  Have you ever gotten “Can you recommend me?”, message on LinkedIn from someone that you never worked or otherwise engaged with?  Let it […]

Unemployment E-Love

Unemployment.  Underemployment. What more can the working person do to alleviate the pain of our friends and family caught in this chapter of their story? While listening to a message left for me yesterday from a fabulous girlfriend actively pursuing every opportunity she alluded to the fact that not since the Great Depression has America […]

Be Who You Are In Life & In Social Media

What’s your social media personality? Do you find it a CHORE to engage in social media?’ If you find the right social media match for your natural sharing inclinations, then it will begin to be a joy and not a ‘chore’. I tell you this because it has been heavy on my mind & heart.  […]

Social Media in the Workplace & Playing Nicely with Others

The way we connect to our friends has changed dramatically in just the last few years, and so has the way we communicate at work.  With connectivity through Facebook, Twitter and more, the way it affects our productivity is increasingly under scrutiny by corporations.   Through hiring companies such as Philosophy IB, Employers can now analyze […]