My Friend Has Cancer – and I feel stupid.

When the word “cancer” enters the conversation, I tense up. However, it seems that more and more survivors are telling their stories and that certain cancers are even gaining an interesting ‘branding’ identity to help raise awareness and fund research. We see ‘cancer’ all of the time in ribbons, wrist bands, t-shirts, bumper stickers & […]

zipForms at John L. Scott in Sandy

Tuesday was an absolutely gorgeous day that ushed in a drive up to beautiful Sandy, Oregon, at the foot of Mt. Hood.  I had the honor of spending the morning witht the agents of Jason Shuler & Jason Anderson’s awesome agents at John L. Scott.  The topic was ‘zipForms 6’, and it was just a sensational time of sharing […]

Ethics class

A wonderful morning spent with Realtor clients learning (re-learning) the ethics of their trade. So often the public wants to sell as-is property and conceal defects. Not okay. Disclose, disclose, disclose! RESPA is watching and is very keen on making examples of offenders, so be smart. Contingencies: who is your client and what if the […]