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About me

An action figure seen all over the tri-county area of Portland, I am a woman who delights in the funny, philosophical, fruitful, engaging and complex things that make this a wonder-filled life.  My blog will primarily cover how life’s little threads weave together to form a gorgeous tapestry.  I’ll also cover my never-a-dull moment adventures .  Connecting people with technologies that  make their lives more engaged, productive, connected and enriching brings me joy.   I’ll share the moments that have me laughing, crying,  screaming,  jumping up & down, hiding and often praying, here in our little club house. 

A little history:  I’m an Air Force brat and have had the honor to live in a lot of great and varied places.  I lived in Hawaii as a kid so I learned to take off my shoes whenever I go into someone’s home.  I also mastered 87 ways to love Spam.  My mom and I then moved to Louisiana in the mid-80s.  Culture shock!   These folks are the best cooks in the world & likely the most fearless.   Think hurricanes, alligators, cow-tipping and boudin.  I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in English from McNeese State University with a smattering of Latin, art and theater.   Shortly thereafter, my husband and I loaded our earthly belongings into our green Corolla and headed to Oregon to start our adventure.  I’ve been with First American Title since November of 1995, and this group is simply my other family.

My kids (1 girl and 1 boy) plus my sweet & patient husband and 2 crazed canines  (that never shut up) give me the best material POSSIBLE for blogging and all of my social media posting.  Their antics, conundrums, wisdom, shenanigans, observations and causes of righteous indignation are sources of never-ending learning &  joy for me.


One comment on “About me

  1. Hi Amanda,

    Nathan Bernhardt here. I don’t want to lose contact with you:) You look like you have been busy!

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