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Movin’ On

Life simply takes my breath away with its fast pace and constant change. My family and I have made the decision to move back home to Lake Charles, Louisiana. And after 17 years of being in orbit around Realtors, I have made the decision to license and to pursue my life as Amanda 2.0, directly on the front-line of selling & buying with clients.

Our life is in transition now: selling our home in Beaverton, OR, packing everything up, sending my husband ahead as the advance team so he could start his new job, keeping children entertained, studying for my Broker’s license and doing more praying than I ever have before.

Seriously, letting go.
I’ve let go of my job with great income, status and connections.
I’ve let go of my ego that took a lot of feeding & care.
I’ve let go of our home that we brought our two babies home to – and raised them in.
I’ve let go of STUFF. Lots of stuff.

And while my arms have been wide open in surrender, I’ve received more blessings of the heart & soul than I can convey here.


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