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Why I’m at M Realty

The M Realty LogoJanuary 2012 was a month that changed the trajectory of my life. After her long battle with Alzheimer’s , I lost my Mom, my hero. I gained an incredible clarity of purpose that had not been there before. Grief-stricken, I re-evaluated my life and surrendered to the pruning that ultimately led to me leaving my job of 17-years. As my focus sharpened on the next step, all I could think about was becoming part of something meaningful, deep, creative & unique. I found this community with M Realty via Garron and Alicia Selliken.

They took a chance on me and on my reputation & abilities in our real estate community. My heart is that of a teacher – so who am I to go out and spread the word about how awesome and different things are here at M? How do I tell the story of a brokerage built around the needs of the agents? How can I articulate and help those on the outside understand and appreciate what a ground-swell of personalized support is happening here? I cannot. All I can do is point to agents who have succeeded because of the support and tell the stories over and over again.
My eyes, ears & heart are open keenly searching for the Realtors I can and will help next. Guide, educate, advocate, empower and encourage are just a few of the things I do for our agents here at M. With such a gifted, graceful & generous group, growth is inevitable! It is music to my heart to walk an agent through the tools and steps here to get him/her to the place they WANT to be, but previously couldn’t put the puzzle pieces together.

Our industry is constantly bombarded with tools, apps, systems and shiny things all promising to make Realtors more productive, profitable and desirable! However, the mere acquisition of these puzzle pieces does not create a focused picture of success.

At M, I’m able to sit down with Agents, and help them put their puzzle together – one that is unique to their voice and sphere. It’s incredibly gratifying and a wonderful next-step in my growth as a coach and trainer.

It is my hope that you’ll read this and respond to ask me out for a cup of coffee to talk about what is happening in your business and in your heart. Where are you on your journey? What’s your next step? I seek those who are seeking.


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