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My Vow of Electronic Abstinance

My Sweet Peeps

Here we are & not an Apple product in sight! Miracle.

I’m returning to the ranks of a traditional scheduled existence after a blissful spell of vacation with my sweet family.  We traveled to Hawaii to see my Dad, who is recovering (beautifully I might add) from a prize-fight with sinus cancer.  It was a time of re-connecting, seeing places from my childhood, and learning that I did not have to be engaged in 5 different conversations online at once, in addition to trying to carry on a coherent communication with my company at the time.  It took me days to decompress from the self-imposed anxiety and stress that I carry around like a big Hefty bag.

So here is what I did:  I deliberately left my iPad, iPhone lap top at home in Oregon.  This was HARD. My name is Amanda and I am addicted to information and electronic engagement.  Granted, it’s part of my job, but your mind gets wired for a certain amount of stimuli, and I starved it out.

It was actually really refreshing and fabulous:  I think I was a better wife, daughter and mom during my vacation because of this decision.  I actually focused on the fun, laughs and moments at hand, and I was startled and a bit grossed t that I had become seemingly numb to matters right in front of me up to that point.  My mind wanders, so I had to corral it back in. I am now more aware of my behavior and will take measures in this brand new year to be more aware of my actions.

Are you i-Dicted to your devices?  Are your kids?  Let’s remember that irreplaceable human touch as we move forward into this amazing New Year.


One comment on “My Vow of Electronic Abstinance

  1. I have recognized just how i-dicted I have been too. I now turn off all electronics between 2:45pm-8:00pm. Fortunately my work is flexible. I am with kids and family during those hours and LOVED being disconnected over the holiday. Day four into this, and I am living more life, face to face. Grassroots of doing life is good.

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