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Chance Encounter With an Old Friend After a Blogging Webinar – Aloha!

Aloha, awkward youth!

Boarding Hawaiian Airlines bound for The Mainland

This morning started in a very normal manner:  wake up, check my iPad, make the coffee and kiss my husband ‘bye’.  Drop off the kids off at school & head into work – and directly into a huge surprise.  I had planned to get some education this morning, and was THRILLED to learn more about Advanced Blogging.  The name of the Realtor-presenter was Rich Jacobson (hmmm – sorta familiar…), and he did an AMAZING JOB.  

But I digress.

I sent him a  note at the end of the webinar to thank him for brilliant, relevant and immediatelytips that I plan to employ in my teaching. 


Rich Jacobsen remembered me…from the very early 80s…when I was a kid in Hawaii and he was the youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Honolulu.  I still cannot wipe the smile off of my face!  He dated one of my sisters too – haaahaaa!

Oh Life – your little circles make me dizzy and happy. 

I have a point, and it is this:  don’t ever forget that all of your blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, LinkedIn and other social media activity is virtual, but THE RELATIONSHIPS ARE REAL.  My friend Sara said that, and it just couldn’t be more true.  It’s so special and precious.

It takes people to power these engines – people with wonderful imaginations, visions, funny stories, compelling information, quotes that inspire and chance reunions that reaffirm that  ‘See you later’ is much more appropriate these days than ‘good bye’.  

Rich Jacobsen is now a successful Realtor in Silverdale, Washington with a big beautiful family.  Due to technology that we could not have even imagined back in 1983, I have subscribed to his blog, following him on Twitter, and of course we’re friends on Facebook. 

Cyber sigh!  What fun.  I’ve got about 243 questions for him about blogging, Hawaii, Active Rain stuff, why real estate and how on earth he remembered me.

Let me know your fun chance encounter story!


One comment on “Chance Encounter With an Old Friend After a Blogging Webinar – Aloha!

  1. What a delightful surprise to find your especially kind comments in my email after the webinar last Friday! The Internet and social media has made the world wonderfully intimate and small. I remember your family and my time on Oahu with great fondness. We’ll have to hook up at some point and become reacquainted. Say ‘Hi!’ to Nicki and Novia the next time you talk to them!

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