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Thanksgiving Memories of Waldemar

My Stepdad, whom I called ‘Pop’, was a quiet, patient and hysterically funny man.  He came into our lives when I was a sophomore in high school, and brought with him an air of comfort and peace.  Pop had a sister who owned a sprawling ranch in Hunt, Texas, called Waldemar.  It was (and probably still IS) a gorgorgeous place that had cabins, a giant pond with swans, deer that would wander onto the grounds and great horses to ride.

Pop & his red-headed step-child

A couple of my sweetest memories are centered there and at this time of year I am so deeply grateful that we had the opportunity as a family to get away to such a retreat.  These were such gracious, generous and kind people.  I miss them.  There was a Great Hall where I remember getting & giving some of the most wonderful foot rubs and shoulder massages while smelling hickory burning in the fireplace.  I remember laying on the couch with my Grandma Honey and talking about whether or not it would be wise for her to go horseback riding with me.  She was in her mid-70s at the time.   I remember my baby nephew, Austen, there.  Honey never put him down.

Austen is now poised to graduate from college this year, and Pop died several years ago. This picture still makes me laugh and remember what foreign objects we were to each other.  I miss him so much – His understatement and my effervescence was a study in opposites that attracted.

Take too many pictures and make sure those you love are shown this love in word and deed.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all – enjoy the PEOPLE (not things) that count this year.


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