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10 Reasons Why I Like MoreSolds.com

MoreSolds.com founder Knolly Williams

Knolly Williams saw a problem in his business. As a Realtor, he was sick of using one tool for his contacts & calendar, another to keep his newsletter intact and yet another to manage the many facets of his transactions. He did a lot of duplicate data entry to get everyone’s contact information faithfully enshrined across multiple platforms. First, it’s time-intensive and second, it seldom gets done because it’s a fast-paced world that shouts “NEXT”!

Oh boy – that’s missed opportunity in an industry where leads are to be nurtured for the long haul. Knolly knew that his time was best spent nurturing relationships and that there had to be an easier way for him to automate his back-office work. The concept for www.MoreSolds.com, was born.

Designed by a Realtor FOR Realtors, here are the top 10 attributes I like:
  1. It’s cloud based – this means it’s accessible anywhere you have an internet connection and collaboration is made easy. Add up to 10 users on your account.
  2. Powerful contact management – not only can you store a picture of your client, you can log special dates, kid’s & spouse’s names, notes and more.
  3. Schedule drip campaigns such as eNewsletters – from the contact screen, you can send template emails, schedule campaign begin & end dates and even lay out an action plan.
  4. Set reminders – need to order that inspection? Better set a reminder. It’s your electronic conscience.
  5. Elicit listing feedback from your peers – have a listing that might be listed too high? Need some help convincing the sellers to get rid of the hot tub? Get the buyer’s agent(s) to take a quick survey (fast & easy) after they view your listing. No more unreturned calls for their feedback. The survey is on their time, and is simple.
  6. Buyer & Listing Manager – keep your buyer’s preferences at your fingertips! For your sellers, keep track of the property specifics.
  7. Online Calendar – great for sharing with a team. It does not yet sync with Outlook, but that fix is coming soon / late fall 2011.
  8. Lead Router – there is a web-capture form can embeded into your website that will populate your contacts tab with the information the lead is comfortable disclosing.
  9. Import and Export Contacts – ah, this is nice. The great support team at MoreSolds will even help you do it.
  10. It’s FREE for the Standard Plan and only $14 per month for the Premium Plan.

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Knolly, who is a stand-out agent at Keller-Williams in Austin, Texas. His kindness & responsiveness have impressed me over and over again. With his entrepreneurial spirit, evolving cloud CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) and his drive to get himself and his fellow Realtors back out into the field where the people and business is, MoreSolds will grow quickly.

I am not a paid endorser of this product. I just LIKE IT and think you will, too. To me, Knolly represents what I think is best about America – creativity, freedom and filling a need that not only helps ourselves, but also lifts others.

Future additions & improvements will include:

  • Reporting
  • Exporting your completed transaction to a zipFile
  • Automated showings that log when the lockbox is accessed
  • MoreSolds mobile
  • Goal setting & numbers analysis
  • Short Sale Transaction Manager
  •  Facebook integration

If you’re interested in contacting Knolly directly, please see his site and reach out: http://knolly.yourkwagent.com/


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