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Unemployment E-Love

Unemployment.  Underemployment.

Looking a little familiar?

What more can the working person do to alleviate the pain of our friends and family caught in this chapter of their story?

While listening to a message left for me yesterday from a fabulous girlfriend actively pursuing every opportunity she alluded to the fact that not since the Great Depression has America seen something like this.  She told me of the people in training with her – the deep swath of humanity but also of the proliferation of people in mid & late-life.   This struck a chord with me, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

Her point was this:  thank God that we are so connected these days.  Whether it’s Facebook, phone, email, Twitter, LinkedIn or even a pop-by visit, we are as connected as we want to be if we open our hearts to the pain of others.  We really do have the power to encourage, love and cry with our friends in these mediums.  But those during the Great Depression had to endure much of this on their own in private, which is where pain likes to live.  It has been said that ‘pain is the price of intimacy’ and when you are there through pain with family & with your friends your bond is inextricably strengthened.

Today, please reach out to at least one person in your life who is hurting and either send him / her a Facebook message, live chat with them, or even get downright old fashioned and send them a quick card.  You never know how much it means to that other person that you reached out very specifically to lift them up and to hug them (as best as you can) from a distance.  Whatever your faith may be, ultimately we all live by grace.  “There but for the Grace of God go I.”

Here is an article excerpt that I think you’ll find interesting By Kundan Pandey:

“10 Facts About the Great Depression

  • During the period between 1929 and 1932, the average income of an American family decreased by 40% from $2300 to $1500 per year.
  • Some 3 million children had to quit school and 2,00,000 were homeless by the end of 1930.
  • To enhance employment opportunities, American government came up with construction projects like the Empire State building, the Chrysler building, the Golden Gate Bridge and Rockefeller Center!
  • The drought in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma coupled with the Great Depression between 1935 – 1938 forced 800,000 people to leave their homes. The drought was given the name “Dust Bowl”.
  • The period of Great Depression led to major political changes and Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected as president of the US replacing Herbert Hoover in late 1932.
  • The first week of depression led to a loss of US$30 billion and this amount was more than what the US government spend in the World War II!
  • Almost all countries quit the gold standard so that they can print more money during the recession phase!
  • Some historians believe that the US entry into the World War II acted as help for it to come out of the Great Depression as the US started manufacturing arms, which the Britains were going to require soon.
  • Surprisingly, movie and entertainment industry flourished in this era and nearly 60 to 80 million Americans went to a movie each week!!
  • President Herbert Hoover received severe criticism for his speech claiming “the worst was over” in 1930. Apparently, it took nearly 11 years for the economy to recover!”

This passage is taken from  http://www.buzzle.com/articles/great-depression-facts-about-great-depression.html



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